Playdoh & glass pebbles

For some quiet time before bed we got out the playdoh and I gave Joseph some newly bought glass pebbles that he hadn’t seen or worked with before.

 I rolled out all the dough he had chosen and he proceeded to push in the pebbles. Great for fine motor skills.

Joseph wants you to know he was making rainbows – lots of rainbows.

He really liked the pebbles and not even the number cutters distracted him until he had finished placing all the pebbles. Bless his little cottons xxx

Pulling the pebbles out of the playdoh was also good for the fine motor skills especially as some of them were quite well pushed in.

Playdoh & glass pebbles


Tuesday 12th May

Well I had a lovely time at Little Squirrels today. Can’t say the same for Joseph. As the weather was good (dry) the whole session was outdoors. The focus was looking at flowers and the different types that were in the environment. We were given masking tape to wrap around our wrists and strips of card to make crowns. The children were then encouraged to stick a variety of flowers and leaves to the sticky tape to decorate them. Joseph wouldn’t wear the sticky tape and only put a couple of pieces on the crown. I took a photo but unfortunately the lovely stick fell off somewhere. And we didn’t make it into a crown.

The final job for the day was colour matching the natural environment to a selection of colours – gluing what you found to the palette. Whilst not perfect he did have a go at gluing a few bits on. Not sure grass has ever been that shade of blue !


Mondrian squares

Wednesday 6th May

Creation Station was all about squares today. After looking at some square shapes items – scarves, picture frames, cards we moved onto doing a painting. Having tried this before I wasn’t holding out much hope. So the idea was to stick some tape onto card having stuck it to the table first to remove some of the stickiness. You keep adding more tape until you have a variety or different sized squares. Then you cover the paper in paint. Surprise, surprise Joseph chose green. There was some yellow mixed in as well. Joseph liked dabbing and splatting the paint.

Then John suggested he use some pink so he made some splodges with that. The finished article.

Whilst the painting was drying we did some cutting of foam into squares and then threaded them onto pipe cleaners. The idea was to make a caterpillar type figure but of course we didn’t do that. Joseph was really into the threading and did 2 pipe cleaners worth – he concentrated very hard for quite a long time. I think he would have stayed for much longer at it if he could.

 His finished items – all done by him.

Just before we left I took the tape off of the painting. I hadn’t stuck all of the tape to the table so a couple of pieces were stuck quite well to the paper and ripped as I removed them. But it was better than the last time. Joseph’s very own Mondrian…..

Mondrian squares

Ink printing

At Little Squirrels today the focus of the day was trees. We started the session with 2 craft activities – making paper and printing. Joseph wasn’t interested in making paper so I had a go – there were trays of water and shredded paper that you poured over a cookie cutter on top of a piece of gauze. Then there was a complicated system of pressing out the water before you ended up with the final piece that you needed to leave to dry. The idea was that the kids then pressed flower petals into the paper – I didn’t do that. Here’s the set-up just in case my description is rubbish.

I did manage to get Joseph interested in the printing though. You had to rub a brayer through some ink then over a stencil. Joseph chose a ladybird stencil that reminded him of Gaston from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. The first print he did was in blue ink.


Once the stencil was well inked Joseph put a piece of paper on top and rubbed the top with his hand. He liked this so much he made 5 prints and had I not stopped him he would have carried on. I should’ve taken some photos of the finished products as they are very cute.

Ink printing


Wednesday 22nd April

This term at Creation Station is all about shapes. Can you guess what shape we did today?

There was some printing with bubble wrap and cups and using brushes to make circles. The idea was to make a person out of pre-cut circle shapes – first by printing some circle shapes and then decorating with sequins, etc.

Joseph did some ‘chopping’ with the scissors around the edge of his circle and then spent time sticking down and playing with the noodles. Our finished product.

This kept him occupied for the full session. It’s interesting what grabs his attention – the things you think he will really like he’s not interested in and then he likes stuff you’re not sure he will like. He took some interest in taking some pictures himself (I deleted a load of photos that he took of the ceiling)


Planting seeds at Nanny’s

Saturday 18th April

A trip to Nanny’s today. It was a very hot day in her garden and Joseph made a bee-line for his favourite thing – the swing seat. He loves swinging on it.

After lunch, they attempted to get him to do some gardening with them but it took both Daddy & I to get him interested. First off they planted some anemones by pushing a finger into the soil, dropping in the bulb and then covering it up. He was happy to drop the seed in the hole but not fussed on touching the soil !


Then he was given a box of wildflower seeds that he had to spread over the soil. He enjoyed this – throwing the seeds everywhere – mainly because it was a non-wet activity.


Then came the watering – the best thing by far. They filled up the watering cans for him and he emptied almost as quickly as they could be filled. He does love water.

Eventually my sister filled a couple of buckets so that he could fill the cans by himself which he really liked doing.

Then my sister dug out a box of toys and we discovered an Ariel Mermaid toy that looks a bit like one of the Barbie mermaid toys that are currently being advertised on TV. Well, he really liked playing with her, dropping her into the water, throwing her around and playing with her wet hair. She was a bit of a hit !

He’d also been playing with a Snakes & Ladders game and what he decided to do was tip a cup of water on to a number he knew, say the number out loud and then jump on it. You couldn’t ask for better child-led play.

With all this entertainment he was thoroughly exhausted and fell to sleep immediately we got in the car.

Planting seeds at Nanny’s